Financial Accountability with AWS Cost

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People are too busy to dig around dashboards or learn a new tool to help them monitor their AWS cost. We make it simple by summarizing and proactively pushing the most important monitoring and optimization information to your team.

CloudForecast gives your team and stakeholders financial ownership of their deployment on Amazon Web Services by delivering reports with only the most important information.

Your time is valuable

As an CTO or VP of Engineer, your inbox may be cluttered with emails from people vying for your attention. We provide visual cues right in the subject line of our reports to help show if your AWS spend is out of control or not.

If it's a sunny day, you can move on with your day and focus on more important items. However, if it's a stormy report, then you'll want to spend some time opening up your report.

Watch the demo to see how we can help save you time and money on AWS.

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Saved us at a minimum tens of thousands of dollars

You have probably paid for yourself 10 times over. I can't put a number on it, but I know you have saved us at a minimum tens of thousands of dollars...

Stephen Brandon, Coffee Meets Bagel, MNGR. of Engineering and Infrastructure

Saved us thousands of dollars of recurring cost

"The email help weeds out the noise and focuses on what is important on my AWS bill. (...) CloudForecast has saved us thousands of dollars of recurring cost!"

James avery, Adzerk CEO

Helps ensure our cost does not spiral out of control

"The CloudForecast cost reports have been great for WebFlow. The simplicity of the reports has made it easy for us to track our spend with AWS and helps ensure our cost does not spiral out of control."

Bryant chou, webflow CTO

Helps our team identify unnecessary spending

CloudForecast's daily succinct email helps our team identify unnecessary spending by highlighting AWS spikes. These unexpected change in cost would otherwise go unnoticed for weeks. With the daily email, we feel more confident allowing the entire team to provision what is necessary to do their work, while keeping the overall cost under check.

Bruno Miranda, Doximity vp of engineering

Allowed me to stay on top of the many aspects of AWS spend

CloudForecast has provided me a low friction method to stay on top of my AWS cloud spend. Helping me not only see that costs when up, but why and from where. Combined with their RI coverage and usage reports has allowed me to stay on top of the many aspects of AWS spend with out slogging through all of the AWS screens and MFA dance.

Dru Sellers, vp of engineering

Get Started with a Free Trial in Three Easy Steps

Starting your 30-day free trial with CloudForecast is simpe and takes less than five minutes.

With our on-boarding wizard, we walk you through three easy steps to connect your AWS account with CloudForecast.

Sign up

Signing up for CloudForecast is quick and easy. You can get started with a company name, valid email and password to create your account. You can get started by clicking the button below.

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We make configuration with your AWS account simple with a CloudFormation JSON template. The CloudFormation template permissions ONLY gives us read-only access to an S3 billing bucket of your choice which makes your data safe and secure.

You can see the full-stack and permissions of the JSON template here for full transparency: CloudFormation Template.


We make it entirely optional to provide a Credit Card to start your free trial. By providing a Credit Card, your account will be rewarded with an extended 30-day free trial. You can cancel at any time during your free-trial with no penalty.

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Features to help you save time and money on AWS

CloudForecast provides all the necessary features to help you monitor your cloud cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily Cost Report
Reserved Instances Report
Custom Reports Tool
Slack Integration
Daily Cost Report

Easy to understand AWS cost reports provides detailed analytics across total spend, spend forecast, product, region and tag.

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Reserved Instances Report

AWS Reserved Instances data in one place. We proactively push the most important information to your team to help you manage you RI investment.

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Custom Reports Tool

Create and send multiple custom AWS cost reports tailored to different recipients. Slice and dice your data via Cost Allocation Tag or Sub-accounts and send only the relevant data and cost.

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Slack Integration

Give your team more cost awareness by sending them AWS cost reports right in Slack. Encourage collaboration and discussion around your AWS cost with various stakeholders in your organization.

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Our interactive Dashboards makes it quick and easy to find the answers you need with cost increase from your daily cost reports. We give you the ability to drill-down into any of the charts so you can find the exact areas with cost increase before your monthly bill arrives.

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Why CloudForecast?

Affordability, Simplicity, Accountability, Visibility

We have a lot of "abilities" to help you with your monthly AWS Cost.

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The pricing structure with current products is broken. Charging a percentage of spend and yearly contracts does not have your best interest in mind. We keep it simple and predictable with flat monthly pricing and no contracts. We want to earn your business.

Time Saver

Focus on building product and shipping code. In less than a minute, our daily email reports will give you full visibility into your AWS account and what needs your attention right away.


We've built CloudForecast with simplicity in mind. Our reports are easy to understand, weeds out all the noise and only surfaces the most important information to your team and stake holders.


We understand that every business is different and AWS monitoring varies from team to team. Configure your own spend alerts for product, region, cost allocation tag or sub-accounts to help you monitor your AWS costs closely.