We're Embarking on a New Voyage into Kubernetes

CloudForecast's Barometer will help you navigate through the treacherous voyage of Kubernetes, EKS and ECS cost management and visibility with easy to understand cost monitoring and optimization reports.

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Features to Help You Save Time
and Money on AWS

Daily Kubernetes
Daily Kubernetes Monitoring

Similar to our daily AWS cost management reports, Barometer will monitor and alert your team of any cost anomalies within your k8s, EKS and ECS clusters that need your attention via email or Slack.

Kubernetes Cost
Kubernetes Cost Allocation

Barometer will give you the ability to create and deliver different reports to different teams and allocate k8s cost by service, label, pods and namespace.

Optimized Icon
Optimized Kubernetes Clusters

Barometer will help your organization ensure that there are no over-provisioned clusters that might be costing you money. We will do this by providing visibility into  CPU and Memory usage by cluster in relation to your AWS cost.

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