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AWS Cost Tracking Tool

CloudForecast is a simple daily email report to
help you keep an eye on your AWS cost.

Trusted by Great Companies to Monitor Their AWS Cost

Bruno Miranda
VP of Engineering

"CloudForecast succinctly highlights spikes in cost and areas which I should act upon right now in order to save money."

James Avery
Founder & CEO

"The email help weeds out the noise and focuses on what is important on my AWS bill. (...) CloudForecast has saved us thousands of dollars of recurring cost!"

Jason Still
Director of Cloud Services

"Since we began moving ourselves and our clients to AWS, we've been searching for a cost monitoring tool that is both easy to use and affordable.  We've finally found a tool that meets our needs in CloudForecast."

Surprised by Your Monthly AWS Cost?

Never be caught off guard again with your monthly AWS cost.
Check the status of your AWS cost and usage in less than two minutes with our daily email reports sent to your inbox.
Our email reports are easy to read so you can save time and focus on shipping product and building your company.

Sunny? Cloudy? Stormy?

We’ll let you know right in the email if your AWS spend need attention.
We provide the visibility you need to make the right decisions to save money.

What CloudForecast Can Do

CloudForecast provides all the necessary features to help you monitor your
AWS cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in your email inbox.

Daily AWS Cost Reports

Our Daily AWS Cost Reports makes it simple to help your team keep AWS cost top of mind. Our easy to read daily email reports provides detailed analytics across total spend, spend forecast, product, region and tag. 

Custom Reports Tool

Create individualized AWS Cost Reports that are tailored to your team needs with our Custom Reports Tool. With dimensions such as AWS Sub Accounts and Tags, you can bring AWS Cost Awareness across all organizations and only show what is important to them.

Weekly Cost Savings Report (Beta)

#ZeroWaste: Our Weekly Cost Savings Report gives you simple and actionable recommendation across Reserved Instances, Dynamo DB tables, EC2 Instances, Unattached EBS and other areas to help you save on your AWS bill.

Contact us for early access to our Beta!


Stop overpaying for bloated and expensive cloud reporting tools. Affordable pricing that pays for itself.
No minimum monthly commitment. No monthly spend commitments. No contracts!

< $99k/month on AWS Spend
One Daily AWS cost report sent via email
Accurate end of the month spend forecast
Cost alerts for daily spend, product, region, tags & sub-accounts
30 day report by product, region, tag & sub accounts
Interactive "month to date" spend graphs
Payment via Credit Card
14 Day Free Trial
< $99k/month on AWS Spend
All features included in Hacker Plan
Build Up to Five Custom Daily Cost Reports with our Custom Report Tool.*
*Need More Custom Reports? Contact us!
> $100k+/month spend on AWS
of your monthly AWS bill
All features included in Hacker Plan
Build Unlimited Daily Cost Reports with our Custom Report Tool.
Custom analysis of your most recent month’s AWS spend. No obligation to continue if you are dissatisfied with your reports!

Small Monthly AWS Bill?

Email us for more information on our "startup lite" plan:

What we believe.

We're building a different type of cloud monitoring business, one that focuses on our customers, not on our shareholders (we have none). We believe that every engineering team should have access to the best spend analysis without breaking the budget.

Our Vision.

We want your team to save money, and we want to empower you to have all the tools you need to make informed decisions. Cost analysis shouldn't be hard or expensive. We're building tools to make cost savings effortless. Your company works hard for their margins. Why should you give a third party a big chunk of that if your goal is to save

Our Team.

Before building CloudForecast, we all met as coworkers at a Y Combinator startup. We're still great friends and built this company out of our love of working together, solving tough problems and helping others.

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