Create and Send Custom AWS Cost Reports to Your Team

Our Custom Report Tool makes it easy for you to bring AWS cost awareness to your whole organization.
We give you the ability to create and send multiple custom AWS cost reports tailored to different recipients.

custom report

 Need a custom report for a specific sub account or tag from your AWS account for your CFO or VP of Engineering?
Our dimensions and filters have you covered to send them exactly what they need.

Create collaboration and discussion around your AWS cost with teams and  stakeholders within your organization.
We provide multiple channels to deliver our AWS cost reports to the right people:


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A Few Tools to Help you Create Custom
AWS Cost Reports for your Organization

AWS Sub Accounts Support

Have multiple sub-accounts in your AWS account? We give you the ability to report on ALL your AWS sub-accounts. Only show relevant information to your recipients.

Multi-Email Support

We got you covered if you need to send a different AWS cost report to your CTO, CFO and VP of Engineering. With our Custom Report tool, we give you the ability to send AWS cost reports to multiple email addresses that are tailored to their needs.

Tags Support

Send AWS cost report by Tag to different teams. Select and filter out only the Tags that matter to your teams.

Comprehensive Reports

Our emails give you detailed reports on daily, weekly, monthly, product, region, and tag spend. Click into any of your daily graphs in the email to dive deeper into your AWS numbers.

Alerts when you need them

After you configure your alerts, leave the rest to us! Your daily emails will alert you if there are any parts of your AWS that needs your attention right away. Let CloudForecast be a second eye for your AWS cost.

Accurate Spend Forecast

Our daily emails give you an accurate forecast of your monthly spend, giving you more visibility into your costs on a monthly basis.

Other Features to Help Your Team with
AWS Cost Awareness 

CloudForecast provides all the necessary features to help you
monitor your AWS cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily AWS Cost Reports

Our Daily Cost Forecast Reports makes it simple to help your team keep AWS cost top of mind. Our easy to read daily reports arrive in your inbox and provides detailed analytics across total spend, spend forecast, product, region and tag. Never be caught off guard with surprises in your AWS bill.

Reserved Instances Monitoring

Receive a daily snapshot of your AWS Reserved Instances purchases from our Daily Cost Reports. We provide a quick summary around your RI utilization and upcoming expirations across EC2, ElastiCache, Redshift and RDS so you are never caught off guard.

Dashboard Tool

Our interactive Dashboard tool makes it quick and easy to find the answers you need related to your cloud cost. With our dashboards, we give you the ability to drill-down into any of the charts so you figure out the exact areas where there is a cost increase before your monthly bill arrives.


Our integrations with Slack, PagerDuty and Opsgenie give you a way to deliver cost reports to teams or different stakeholders in addition to email.