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Giving Tuesday 2021: America Scores Bay Area, Code Your Dreams, Women Who Code, Project Reclass

For the 2nd year in a row, CloudForecast donated a portion of our December 2021 revenues to four 501(c)(3) non-profits for Giving Tuesday.

AWS re:Invent: Chinese Food in Las Vegas

If you’re at AWS re:Invent and reading this, you’re probably done with eating at typical options of casino buffet and other chain restaurant options off the strip. After day 2...

Tips for your first AWS re:Invent

Hello! My name is Hiroko Nishimura, and I’m an AWS Community Hero (2020~), Technical Writer, and Technical Instructor. I teach “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” courses at LinkedIn Learning, and...

re:Invent 2021 AWS Cost Optimization Sessions

With over 60,000+ attendees, 50 tracks, and over 1,200 sessions to weed through at AWS re:Invent, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what sessions to attend.

Using Terraform to Deploy to EKS

Historically, companies have been restricted to manual solutions for maintaining IT infrastructure—but Infrastructure as Code (IaC) offers a different solution.

Testimonial: How Dynata's DevOps & SRE Team Leverages CloudForecast for Better AWS Cloud Governance

Michael estimates a 15x ROI using CloudForecast this past year, from eliminating the costs for unnecessary cloud usage and detecting cost anomalies right away.