Daily AWS Cost Reports Right in Your Inbox

Our Daily AWS Cost Reports helps your team keep AWS cost top of mind.
Our easy to read daily reports and provides detailed analytics across
total spend, spend forecast, product, region and tag.

Sunny? Cloudy? Stormy?

We’ll let you know right in the email if your AWS spend need attention.
We provide the visibility you need to make the right decisions to save money.

A Few Companies using CloudForecast
to monitor their AWS cost

What we can do to Help You 
Monitor and Track your AWS Cost

Reports that fit your needs

We understand that every business is different and AWS monitoring varies from team to team. Configure your own spend alerts for product, region or tag to help you monitor your AWS costs closely.

Comprehensive Reports

Our emails give you detailed reports on daily, weekly, monthly, product, region, tag spend and sub accounts. 

Time Saver

Focus on building product and shipping code. In less than a minute, our daily email reports will give you full visibility into your AWS account and what needs your attention.

Alerts when you need them

After you configure your alerts, leave the rest to us! Your daily emails will alert you if there are any parts of your AWS that needs your attention right away. Let CloudForecast be a second eye for your AWS cost.

Detailed Cost Charts

Click on any of the product, region, tag or sub account graphs in the email and you'll be led into a deeper dive of your AWS cost. Our graphs are interactive and easy to understand so you can easily track any abnormal spending.

Accurate Spend Forecast

Our daily emails give you an accurate forecast of your monthly spend, giving you more visibility into your costs on a monthly basis.

Other Features to Help Your Team with
AWS Cost Awareness 

CloudForecast provides all the necessary features to help you
monitor your AWS cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Custom Reports Tool

Create individualized Daily Cost Forecast Reports that are tailored to your team needs with our Custom Reports Tool. With dimensions such as AWS Sub Accounts and Tags, you can bring AWS Cost Awareness across all organizations and only show what is important to them.

Weekly Cost Savings Report (Beta)

#ZeroWaste: Our Weekly Cost Savings Report gives you simple and actionable recommendation across Reserved Instances, Dynamo DB tables, EC2 Instances, Unattached EBS and other areas to help you save on your AWS bill.

Contact us for early access to our Beta!